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Custom Therapy Massage in Hickory, NC

From kids to work, we know that you're busy, so our team of certified massage therapists makes the most of your time with us by customizing our massage services to your specific needs.
Whether you need to relax from a particularly stressful week, help managing a sports injury, or customized pain treatment, at Custom Therapy Massage, we devote personal attention to your needs.

About Us

At Custom Therapy Massage, we focus on the individual problem. We offer a comprehensive consultation for every client, with every massage service. Our unique service is tailored for each of our clients.

Owner Hyder Holland

Hyder is a graduate of the Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy and Aesthetics, an intensive massage program. In past years he has been certified as a therapist in Prenatal Massage, Advanced Hot Stone Therapy, Asian Sports Massage, and a practitioner of Reiki. He has received honors for his work with rehabilitating athletes and preparing them for triathlons, marathons, and other intensive athletic maneuvers. After opening and running Custom Therapy Massage, he has taken a step back to grow the business and bring in the most talented massage therapists in the area. He's focused on expanding and creating a strong business for his employees, but most importantly, he is focused on creating a spa environment of healing in a space where you can Relax Your Way.
Give us a call and let us help you reduce unwanted pain and anxiety. Our therapists are here for you. 828-322-8008
Massage Therapy — Owner of the Custom Therapy in Hickory, NC
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