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We customize every massage for every client, every time.

Massage Services in Hickory, NC

Sit back, relax, and let the therapists from Custom Therapy Massage in Hickory, North Carolina provide you with therapeutic and custom massages that meet your needs. As a full-service center, we offer a wide array of massages and treatments in a great environment.


  • Deep Tissue – Similar to a Swedish massage, deep tissue massages offer a deeper pressure which is beneficial for relieving chronic muscle tension and pain.
  • Swedish – One of the best-known types of massages today, the Swedish massage technique relaxes the whole body by employing gliding strokes along that muscles that encourage blood flow throughout the body.
  • Relaxation Techniques – We also offer a variety of customized relaxation techniques that will help relieve stress and anxiety.

Pain Treatment

  • Chronic pain reduction – Chronic pain affects the life and quality of life of millions of Americans. When you want to avoid pain medications and unpleasant side effects, consider a custom crafted massage to help reduce body aches and pains.
  • Pain management – We customize our pain management massages to help you live a full life, even with pain from ailments like Carpel Tunnel, migraines, and myalgia.
  • Injury Treatment – For athletes working to recover from any number of muscle injuries, this massage is just for you. Sports massage and therapy is a popular form of treatment for soft tissue injuries and can help you bounce back quicker and with less pain.


  • Pregnancy massage – Mommies-to-be don't have to settle for discomfort! Our custom pregnancy massages are gentle and help to ease body aches, reduce stress, and relax tense muscles. This is a great gift for the expecting moms you know.
  • Sports massage – For those who regularly push their physical limits, sports massages are ideal. A sports massage will help heal and prevent naturally occurring wear and shorten muscle recovery time.
  • Wellness massage – This custom massage targets overall wellness in clients. Let us know what you're dealing with and we'll create a massage that will help address and relieve your trouble spots.
  • Stress management – Massage therapy is a proven, natural way to reduce stress levels in the body by releasing endorphins that help calm the nervous system. Our massage therapists take into account your personal needs and create an experience that will help relieve anxiety and stress-related disorders.